Temporary Flooring

Heavy Deck

Heavy Deck is a portable flooring system that can be lifted and installed manually. It is the perfect lightweight solution for situations with a weight loading capacity from 5kN/m2 to 30kN and above.   An ideal option for studios, workshops or other ancillary buildings to be installed on location over virtually any type of terrain. Given that hand operatives without the use of any plant can install the deck, this facilitates access to the most challenging of environments.

For further information on the weight loads, uses and technical specification of heavy deck please visit our parent site The Structure Group of Companies Ltd website and select heavy deck from the products menu.

Stage Deck

Stage Deck is an extremely robust, heavy-duty system. It is a tried and tested, sustainable modular system that creates absolutely no waste or environmental damage pre, during or post filming. It offers an extremely high level of weight bearing capacity. It is extremely fast to install, and not only creates a perfectly level platform, but also once in place, has the ability to create decks of up to 4 levels. Perfect for anything from a catering unit to staging/stage support. Comprising of 5 modular components, which can be self installed.

Leg System

A truly unique manual installation deck leveling system for hand built floors or deck system. This patented ground support can be used internally or externally lifting pre-built panels or bespoke flooring for any type of set with point loading from 5kN/m2 through to 300kN/m2 depending on requirement.

Heavy Deck Leg System | Filmfloor